AboutSanto Design.

Santo design is an interior/visual design studio with a broad interest in art, textile, colors, music and fun way of living.

The designer Sandra Santo has an urbane, eclectic approach to design that lies in her artful orchestration of scale, colors and texture.

She was born in Brazil and moved from her homeland on her twenties. She lived and studied in Tokyo and New York, thru these world experiences is evident in her cheerful work and fearless approach to colors as well as her fashion-conscious sensibility.

Her designs are ‘unexpected,’ combined with beautiful textures and bold patterns that vibrate with the perfect amount of sophistication, warmth, innovation, style and approachability. Her projects remain uniquely authentic to their location and its owners.

“I’m concerned how my designs looks but the most important fact for me is how it feels and functions. Interior design should appear bold yet tenuous, refined while at the same time relaxed, unexpected but personal, sensual although appropriate, imaginative but still real.”

Sandra Santo


Custom-designed rooms and homes, from top to bottom.


Inspire your employees, impress your clients.

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